About Us

RC2K Engineering is an independent IT service company created in 2015. With 30 employees, our structure was created to meet the demand of a major French telecom operator. Our leaders have held key positions in Telecom and Investment Banking in Europe, Asia and Africa. Quality of service and customer satisfaction are our key words. Having faced a high level of requirement, we will know how to provide you an optimal service.

Our Philosophy

Our teams must be in perfect osmosis with those of the Customer, he has a total control of it as if they were part of his own entity.

Our Mission

Each company is different, which generates a variety of needs that can’t be taken into account by existing solutions on the market. We want to offer to our customers a "turnkey" solutions that meet their requirements.

Keys to Success

Our teams: Qualified engineers, seamless collaboration with common purpose: Customer satisfaction.
Team building: The Client chooses his interlocutors (the referent project manager and his back up) and can participate if he wishes to the constitution of his Team.
Listening skills: Understanding the need of our customers is imperative.
Flexibility, and Adaptability: Our mode of operation, based on “Agile” methodology, allows a better taking into account of evolutions of need or priority.


In order to meet the needs of its Clients, RC2K uses the new technologies of information and communication, therefore we have a strong expertise in the development of web applications.



The Customer is focused on the functional aspects of his projects, he interacts in real time with a project manager whom he has chosen and who is dedicated to him. RC2K takes care of the operational aspects, the human resources (employment flexibility, profile shortage ...) and the means necessary for the good progress of the projects.

1 Definition of needs, specifications

A preliminary needs study is conducted to determine the objectives and expectations. Then the establishment of technical and a functional specifications will be written.

2 Choice of teams
3 Conception and development
4 Unit tests ...       Integration ...      Qualification, Delivery and Maintenance...



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